What’s Better Than a Cow?

Think Two CowsTwo Cows!

Chris Engler, the Wapcaptain and fellow Canuck, is acting in a very anti-Scrooge manner and we at Sword’s Edge Publishing want to get all Tiny Tim with his festive idea. Here it is–buy some cows. I’ll let him explain it (from the website):

“Recent news has been focused on economic downturns the world over. Although our personal fortunes may have been diminished somewhat, it’s time now to think of people that live in true poverty year-round, cradle to grave. Last year I was humbled by the generosity of my friends and family who, when I asked to help raise enough money to buy one dairy cow, responded by donating enough money to buy two with funds to spare. This year I’d like to raise the bar and start with a goal of two cows.”

Sword’s Edge Publishing will be donating our profits from November and December to this venture. As things have wound down at SEP for the last couple of years, our sales aren’t such that we’ll make much of a dent, but I also want to get the word out there and let’s try to get into the spirit of the season, which is, after all, giving.

If you have all our awesome products or just don’t want to see even a penny not go to this worthy cause, head on over to the website and donate!

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