Take This Survey, or The Coffee Gets It!

The Accidental Survivors would like to ask you a favour. We’d like you to head on over to the RPG Podcast Listener Survey and take the aforementioned survey there. Actual figures and information on listeners is tough to get, and this is a multi-cast attempt to put something together. Rob from Bearswarm put together a promo as well. Expect to hear it in an episode soon. myfukincoffee

Do us a favour, head on over to the RPG Podcast Listener Survey and do your civic duty. Get ‘er done before May 1st, or I’m going to have to put the hurt on this innocent cup of delicious coffee on the table before me.

There’s pie when you finish. Swear to pants it’s true! And beer. Lots of beer.

(note: cross-posted on my blog . . . doesn’t mean you need to take the survey twice to save the coffee . . . I’m not a monster!)

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