Narrative Powers in True20 – the Idea.

Another moment over another massive cup of coffee. While the Princess is busy downing strawberries, I’m going to try to get this idea down and out there.

I was thinking about the next campaign I intend to run once I get the band back together (if you are in Ottawa, we could still use another player). It’s going to be a “supers” campaign but in the setting of Mundus Novit. I’m leaving it up to the players as to what level of supers they want to play, but I’m kind of leaning toward something like the Authority or Planetary. Yes, Warren Ellis still owes me money from all those Nextwave: Agents of Hate plugs on the podcast, but I continue to pimp his stuff.


I’m leaning toward Savage Worlds for Planetary and Mutants & Masterminds for the Authority. I got some good suggestions from the Twitosphere (thanks@JamesDillane and @thornlord) but unfortunately, the excellent suggestions are impractical—though  if anyone can suggest a way to get print copies of Truth and Justice and/or Prime Time Adventures without doubling the cost in postage, let me know.

I had an idea for powers that would let me use True20. Why bother with learning a whole new system when I can tweak the one I love?

Narrative powers.

Just a basic idea right now, and here’s how it would work. Instead of having a specific power effect—like energy blast or sleep—the character has a power concept. For example, Mr. Snow would have “cold.” As long as the player can explain how this power applies to what the character is trying to do, the character makes a power check, just like now. All powers are fatiguing.

The powers would get 10 points to put into combat or utility. So, Mr. Snow might drop 8 points into combat and 2 into utility. That means for combat purposes, the power is +8. If the player tries to use the power outside of combat, the power is considered +2. If Mr. Snow tries to freeze Mr. Leather’s brain, that’s combat. If Mr. Snow tries to short circuit the security network by dropping its temperature into the negative hundreds, that’s utility.

Strawberry break is ending. More later if I get the chance.

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