The Lorestaves: The Squandering Snail – Second Floor

The Tavern and Gambling Den at the Sign of the Squandering Snail
Written by Fraser Ronald
Maps and Illustrations by Dean Martin


The Second Floor

The second floor is constructed out of wood. Please note that the storage room on the first floor is two stories tall, and therefore the doorway into the storage room on the second floor merely leads to a set of stairs.

Tavern Balcony

This walkway overlooks the tavern below. There is no furniture here, though the banister has a small ledge on which one could place a cup or tankard.

The walkway is accessed by the stairs from the tavern or through the door to the guest rooms.

Small Guest Rooms

This room has practical but not attractive furniture. There is a bed with a straw mattress and wool blankets. A stool in one corner has a washbasin and there is a jug of water on the floor beside it. Beneath the bed is the chamberpot. At the foot of the bed is a small, iron bound chest, though it has no lock, merely brackets for the lock.

These rooms, unlike those on the first floor, often have residents. Rarely, though, are those residents travelers. It is far more often that the people staying in these rooms are criminals or men in hiding. The comfort of the room is minimal, but it is better than an alleyway or a gallows. The cost for the room for a night is 10 princes (sp).  Like the rooms below, if one of these rooms is available it can be let by the hour. As these rooms are intended for actual guests, the cost per hour is 5 princes (sp).

Gambling Den Balcony

The stairs lead to a small landing with a single door. There is no furniture, though the banister has a small ledge on which one could place a cup or tankard.

Entertaining Room

This room has three settees, set in a horseshoe shape, with a low table in the middle of them. Against each wall is a table, and these tables have glass pitchers and fine, ceramic cups. A stone fireplace is set against the north wall. Faded and worn tapestries adorn the walls.

The tapestries are all that remain of Wessent’s dream. Murnac uses this room to entertain friends or individuals of influence to whom Murnac wishes to remain on fair terms. Murnac has used this room to hold recitals, have drawing room theatre performed and to simply relax and drink. If more furniture is required, Murnac will have it brought from his own rooms.

When not in use by Murnac, he will rent it out to others needing a substantial area with some small luxury. Murnac requires a wren (gp) for an afternoon’s use and 2 wrens (gp) for an evening’s use. If the room is required overnight, the cost goes up to 5 wrens (gp).

Games Room

This room has plastered walls, mostly covered in worn though still presentable tapestries. It has three tables pushed together near the center of the room. Around these tables are sturdy wooden chairs. Against the west wall is a counter and cupboards atop of which sits a collection of cups and a tall, earthenware jug. There are divans against the south wall.

This large room is available for private parties of any sort. The price for the room is 15 princes (sp) for an afternoon, a wren (gp) for an evening and 2 wrens (gp) for overnight usage. Food and drink is extra, as is the cost of staff. Murnac usually charges a prince (sp) for staff and a further 2 princes (sp) per person for food and drink.

Upper Common Room

This room has darkened wood walls, complete with faded tapestries, the figures and themes of which are no longer discernable. A bar runs along the west wall, from the door near the north to the south end of the room. There are three tables here, each with chairs around them. A chandelier hangs from the ceiling, boasting sconces for at least twenty candles. The windows are open and unglazed.

This is a place for Murnac to move “high-rolling” customers or to entertain groups from influential guilds or gangs. While it is the same as the games room below, Murnac will have Dunchad at the bar and will have Faelan and Bressal run the games. If he needs a server, he’ll use Flourette. Except during feast days and festivals, this room is usually closed, though the doors are rarely locked. Nothing of value is stored here.

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