Swords and A Squandering Snail: Eam of Tomerlan

Eam of Tomerlan
23 year old Male Human Fighter 1/Sorcerer 2: CR 3; Size M (5 ft., 7 in. tall); HD 1d10+2 plus 2d4+4; hp 19; Init +2; Spd 30 ft.; AC 15; BAB +2; Atk +3 melee (1d8+1d6+3, Frost), or +4 ranged (1d6, crossbow); SV Fort +4, Ref +2, Will +3; AL CG; Str 11, Dex 15, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 16.

Skills: Bluff +4, Concentration +7, Climb +2, Intimidate +7, Listen +2, Ride +6, Spot +2, Swim +2.

Feats: Alertness, Armor Proficiency (all), Dodge, Martial Weapon Proficiency (all), Shield Proficiency (all), Simple Weapon Proficiency (all), Spell Trick (Burning Hands – Intimidation), Weapon Focus (longsword).

Possessions: (on person, 26#, light load) bracers of armor +2, Frost (+3 defending frost longsword), light crossbow, 20 bolts, backpack, traveler’s outfit, whetstone, flint and steel, waterskin, 2 days trail rations, sewing needle.

(on light warhorse, Alberick, carrying 49# with rider, 250#): bit and bridle; military saddle; saddlebags.

(on mule, Terseus, carrying 145.5#): bit and bridle, pack saddle, bedroll, fishhook, 10 ft fishing line, grappling hook, 50 ft hemp rope, ink, ink pen, 10 sheets parchment, scroll case, 5 torches, 5 days trail rations, 10 days feed.

Sorcerer Spells: Per Day: 6/4; Known (5/2)
0th — dancing lights, detect magic, flare, light, read magic.
1st — burning hands, magic missile.

Background: Eam was born the son of a noble-born mercenary and a camp follower. Originally named Jadaretam—the Little Bastard—by his father, his mother left him at a convent with the name Tam-Erlan. In the convent, Tam-Erlan lived for the next five years with the sisters hoping to sculpt him as a scholar rather than a soldier. Eam remembers little from those days but a hazy recollection of satisfaction.

The next time a mercenary company passed by the convent at Fursthier, they did not stop to deposit bastards, rather they stopped to pillage and raze. Somehow, Tam escaped physically unharmed. He wandered the countryside until he came across a widow working her fields with her two adult sons, neither of which had the wits of a grown man. Teodira, the widow, took in the child, who remained silent. Perhaps she saw a spark of intelligence in his eyes, something absent from her own offspring.

The widow named the child Eam (Ee-uhm), after her own dear, departed spouse. She believed the name the name Tam-Erlan — which she thought Tomerlan — was Eam’s byname (his place of birth).

At the age of ten, Eam lost his family again. Soldiers passed through the area, part of VeBrance’s interminable wars. When they left, Teodira and her two natural sons lay dead. The farm had been burnt to the ground and the produce all stolen.

Little Eam had been left for dead. In a sense, he was.

The next company of soldiers that passed by found a young, staff-wielding defender of a deserted farm, protecting three graves. The captain of the company, Alder of Telt, admired the young lad, lean and hungry but unwilling to back down from a hundred armed and armoured men. Alder offered the boy a deal. The boy would become Alder’s servant for five years, and Alder would have his chaplain perform proper burial rites for the child’s family. Eam accepted.

Eam even lost this family when the mercenary company was caught in the middle of a civil war. Alder had been assassinated by the company’s patron. Holed up in the fortified town of Sherasvale, the company found itself caught in the middle of three warring armies. Without Alder, the company started to disintegrate. Eam found a way out, alone. The company meant nothing to him without Alder and the chaplain who had buried Teodira.

A few coins in his pouch, a few belongings on a mule he purchased at the first village he passed through, and Eam had his whole future ahead of him. Teodira had told him he had a cousin, a young women near to his own age whom the nuns had spoken of. Eam set out to find her.

During his hunt for his cousin, Eam became an enemy of the Church. Irreligious, Eam spoke out against the Church and its corruption. Anyone who questioned the Church became a heretic. Innocents burned, and because he protected these innocents, Eam was accused of heresy as well. Worse, he could call forth magic, considered a mark of union with demons.

When his path crossed with Drustan of Teyrs, the two understood they pursued the same cause, fought for the same purpose. It was with Drustan’s help that Eam finally found his cousin. When Sabrine agreed to join the fight against the Church, the three set out to find a way to topple the monolithic organization.

New Feat

You have learned a way to use your magic to aid you in the use of your skills.
Benefit: The character can select a specific spell which he can cast and add a bonus to a skill check equal to the sum of spell’s level and the modifier for the character’s primary spell-casting ability (Intelligence for wizards, Wisdom for clerics and druids, and Charisma for sorcerers). The feat is only used for a single skill.
Special: You can gain this feat multiple times. Its effects do not stack. Each time you take the feat, it applies to a new spell and a new skill.
Prerequisite: Primary spell-casting ability (Int/Wis/Cha) 13


Watch SEP for more d20 characters from Swords and A Squandering Snail. Coming November 2, the character sheet and history for Drustan of Teyrs.


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