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I’ve been trying to decide what to do here once Dark Horizons reaches it conclusion (coming soon!). I think I know what I’ll do. I can’t promise to reach a conclusion to the next project, because it is more about concepts and ideas than actually producing something.

What the heck am I talking about?

I have decided, yet again, to take a stab at RPG design. Why would I do this? Two words: sword noir. This is all part of my attempt to define the genre for myself. As so much of my creative energies are directed toward RPGs—either for personal or commercial reasons—I figured that it might be useful to get some of the ideas into a concrete form as an RPG system.

My first step is to consider exactly what I am going to design. I need to ask myself some serious questions and try to fashion the answers over time. To do this, I’m going to riff off the Power 19 (links at the end of the post). I’m not going answer them all at once and I might not even answer all 19, but I need a place to start and a place to sharpen my ideas, and question and answer usually helps.

The first three are the big three

1.) What is your game about?
2.) What do the characters do?
3.) What do the players (including the GM if there is one) do?

Next post, I’ll answer those three questions.

You can find the Power 19 questions here.

You can find a discussion of my proposed system here.

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