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Sword Noir In Print

Sword Noir: A Role-Playing Game of Hardboiled Sword & Sorcery is now available as a 104 page softcover 6” x 9” book with black & white interiors. Print + PDF from RPG Now is priced at $10.73. If you’ve been … Continue reading

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Updated Multiple Opponents Rules – An Example

I previously put up a combat example to help give an idea of Sword Noir’s combat system. Since updating the Multiple Opponents rules, I wanted to re-do the example. Nothing would have changed with the heroic PC against the regular … Continue reading

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Financing Sword Noir

I mentioned on Twitter that I’d do a post about how Sword Noir was financed, and this is that post. If the business end of the RPG industry doesn’t interest you, move along. Nothing to see here. If you want … Continue reading

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Updating Sword Noir

It is very educational releasing a game system. I have never done so before. Sword Noir was the first system I ever released. It was play-tested, and the editor—Chris Groff from the Accidental Survivors—is a famed game breaker. He has … Continue reading

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Improving Sword Noir

I got a two-star review for Sword Noir over at RPG Now/Drive-thru RPG which brought up some very salient points. It’s unfortunate that Sword Noir didn’t work for this individual, and with the Sword’s Edge System now out for free, … Continue reading

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Sword Noir: A Combat Example

The multiple opponent rules have been changed, and a new post with a combat example is presented here. The rules don’t change the numbers, they just remove the necessity to track the penalty through Ranks and rather apply a straight … Continue reading

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Sword Noir: The Appendices

This does not refer to an appendectomy being done on Sword Noir. Nope, this is a collection of items found in its appendices. Collected here are – character tracker – pre-made characters – character sheet – map of Everthorn These … Continue reading

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