What Is Lawless Heaven?

Lawless Heaven is a modern action adventure set in Ulsan, South Korea using Sword’s Edge RPG. The tagline is: Four cops. One hundred criminals. Countless broken bones.

I’ve actually made sure there are 100 criminals the PCs can beat up. That was a design goal.

In Lawless Heaven, three cops and an intelligence operative in South Korea’s industrial heartland face off against a local gang involved in a heroin smuggling ring. The cops have only one order: bust the ring, but no one realizes the true depth of this particular cesspool.

It’s a love letter to Korean action movies, and especially Nowhere to Hide. There are a few paragraphs in the text discussing my favourite movies in Korean action cinema, and some of the movies mentioned are The Man From Nowhere, A Bittersweet Life, and the Yellow Sea.

This adventure was designed as a convention game, so it runs in 3 to 4 hours. At present, there is no plan to publish it, but I am moving toward the idea of Kickstarting Sword’s Edge to recover costs, and this would make a good stretch goal.

Right now, the only way to get in on Lawless Heaven is to join me at Breakout Con in Toronto on 10-12 March 2017. I will be running a game on Friday night, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday morning. I hope to see you there. Following Breakout Con, depending on interest, I might run some online games, especially if I end up Kickstarting Sword’s Edge with Lawless Heaven as a stretch goal.

You can learn more about Breakout Con here.

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