Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Sword’s Edge Publishing produces role-playing game products, including Sword Noir: A Role-Playing Game of Hardboiled Sword & SorceryKiss My Axe: Thirteen Warriors and an Angel of Death, and Centurion: Legionaries of Rome.

SEP began as a publisher of d20 PDF products, including Spec Ops. Spec Ops is a Modern line, focusing on military special operations and espionage. The Spec Ops line is comprised of no-FX products, meaning the adventures and supplements are devoid of magic, far-future technology or super-heroic powers.

Our Arcane Kingdoms line includes fantasy and sword & sorcery products, including our line of Sword’s Edge System products, such as Sword Noir, and fiction products, such as Gifts of the Elder Gods.

Please feel free to contact us at sep@swordsedgepublishing.ca. Please note, at this time, Sword’s Edge Publishing is not accepting unsolicited submissions.