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I’m sure I’ve made the joke before, but what the heck. If you have been here in the last few years, you will have noticed something different: nothing directing you to a Patreon. That’s an experiment that has come to … Continue reading

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A Quick Look at Nefertiti Overdrive

A quick rundown of Nefertiti Overdrive from the owner of Composed Dream Games who is also a friend. I think he’s pretty fair in how he presents it, so it’s a good preview if someone is interested in it. You … Continue reading

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Feed Nova Scotia in December

Feed Nova Scotia, the food bank charity that covers the province of Nova Scotia, has indicated any donation on made on 1 December will be matched by Canadian food retailer Sobeys Inc. I intend to donate SEP’s revenue from November … Continue reading

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Resistance: EARTH

Resistance: EARTH is now available at itch and Drive Thru RPG. Ten years ago, the world ended. Today you’ve been chosen to bring it back. A resistance to the alien overlords who govern the Earth is forming. Small, ill-equipped, and … Continue reading

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Sword Noir Second Edition Kickstarter

Are there those who only get their information on my work from this website? On that possibility, here’s your cue to go and back Sword Noir Second Edition on Kickstarter. Sword Noir Second Edition is a clarification, update, and tightening … Continue reading

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Not The Time for THAT Kind of Direct Action

This being released concurrently with a post at my Patreon. TL,DR: I support the protest of police violence against the Black community and demand police reform. Due to current circumstances, I am unwilling to release a game of military action, … Continue reading

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Riggers Are Coming

The results for my Patreon poll for July 2020’s release is complete. Riggers: Meta-Humans in a Shattered World will be added to the project queue. You can read more at my Patreon.

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Dark Roads: A Centurion Adventure

It’s 272 of the Common Era, and the Emperor Aurelian has defeated King Cannabas and his Goths, but has abandoned Dacia. Now he marches on Palmyra. As his force crosses Anatolia, Aurelian calls his trsuted retainers to him, and assigns … Continue reading

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Direct Action: Covert Forces and Special Operators

Undertaking the most difficult missions in the most dangerous locales, special operations forces are the tip of the spear. Secretive, highly-trained, and hauling the best kit, these shadow warriors represent a tactical response to strategic threats. Direct Action is a … Continue reading

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Quantum & God: Gates of Hell

You were born into a world threatened by demons, protected by the benevolent Eternal. Now, the acolytes of the Eternal hunt you, ready to spill your blood, and you’ve found out the demons are real, and they are part of … Continue reading

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