Nefertiti Overdrive

Nefertiti Overdrive is a game of high-octane action in Ancient Egypt. Defying physics and common sense, you are legendary heroes in the Kingdom of Egypt. Do you want to leap from crocodile head to crocodile head before planting your sandaled foot directly in the face of an Assyrian giant bearing an axe bigger than you? Do you want to rebound off the side of a pyramid and fly into the centre of a mob of badguys, whom you then lay low with your lightning-fast fists?

Nefertiti Overdrive Quickstart

NO Quickstart Cover

You are the greatest heroes of the 25th Dynasty in Ancient Egypt, protecting the royal family from the predations of the Assyrian Empire – the military superpower of the age in this free preview for Nefertiti Overdrive.

This product includes the first adventure in the Nefertiti Overdrive series.

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Judged Cover

Following an attempt on the life of Pharaoh’s most valued counselor – his niece the Princess – the greatest heroes of 25th Dynasty Egypt strike out at the Judges of Ammit, a cult of assassins that may be tied to a rival claimant to the throne or to the Assyrians – the military superpower of the age whose army is bearing down on the capital of Thebes.

Judged is the second adventure in the Nefertiti Overdrive series. It includes six pre-generated characters and can generally be played in six to eight hours.

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Nefertiti Overdrive

Nefertiti Overdrive Cover

Nefertiti Overdrive is a role-playing game of crazy wire-fu action set in Ancient Egypt. Your characters are legendary heroes protecting the royal house of 25th Dynasty Egypt from both internal enemies and the marauding Assyrian army.

This core rule book also It includes the third adventure in the Nefertiti Overdrive series: “Get Netiqret.”

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The Icon of Amun-Ra

Icon of Amun-ra Cover

In this fourth adventure in the Nefertiti Overdrive series, as the Assyrian forces overrun Thebes, a former courtier of the Kushite pharaoh steals the Icon of Amun-Ra. The Kingdom of Kush will need this magical artifact of great power if it is to survive the threat from the greatest military power of the age—the Assyrians. The characters then set off to seize the Icon in order to restore the fortunes of her family—the Royal House of Kush.

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The March Up Country

In the final adventure of the Nefertiti Overdrive series, the characters find themselves far from Kush and surrounded by enemies. They must cross Upper Egypt, a land the dynasty once ruled but is now the domain for the Assyrians and their local proxy, the Saite Dynast—the new pharaoh by right of conquest. Using wits, iron, and the love the people still harbour, the heroes seek to return to their home in Kush, to join their king and their kin, and to foil the plans of their enemies.

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Daughter of the Sun

Daugther of the Sun Cover

This adventure for Nefertiti Overdrive is not part of the series, but is set just after the death of Tutankhamun, when court factions began to jockey for position, and Ankhesenamun, wife of Tutankhamun and daughter of the great queen Nefertiti, find herself in great peril with no allies of her own–except for the characters. The heroes must aid Ankhesenamun as she attempts to escape a forced marriage to her former vizier as part of his path to the crown and throne.

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