Mundus Novit: The Changed World

This is not our world. This place is different. It is not just a place of adventure or intrigue, it is literally a place of magic. It has always been with us, unnoticed or ignored. It is ignored no longer. It has not arrived alone. Along with those who warp reality with ritual and mantras, there are those who do so with their minds. There are those who have abilities beyond those of normal men.

How did this happen? When did our world become so different? So strange?

The flavour text for Mundus Novit has been completed. At this point, there remains some crunch to update, but things are going well. I expect that this will be released in partnership with Dark Quest Games, though the final details still need to ironed out.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Mundus Novit before, it is a campaign setting for d20 Modern. It posits the release of genetic virus from a secret super soldier project that changes those whom it infect. Grand Orders of magic have existed for millenia. Parapsychic phenomena have been cataloged since the 1960s. In 2003, a brief glimpse of the paranormal is caught by a television news crew.

And the world changes . . .

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