SEP + DQG = Mundus Novit

It is official, you will be seeing Mundus Novit from Dark Quest Games. No time frame yet, but I know it has been in editing as I have been asked to make corrections. As I have said elsewhere (such as the Accidental Survivors), this version matches my vision for the project rather than meeting a style or paradigm dictated by another. I am thrilled to be working with Neal Levin at Dark Quest Games again, as he got me into RPG writing, and has always been very supportive.

As I learn more, you will learn it here. If you are interested in seeing any of the other collaborations between DQG and SEP, check out the Teams and NPG series. Serieses? Spell-checker says no. In case the Accidental Survivors doesn’t fill all your Fraser’s Voice needs, there are “blodcasts” available for some of these products, which you can find here.

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