SEP Update, Spring 2008

Here’s an update on what we’re working on at Sword’s Edge Publishing.

Covert Forces Redux Print-on-Demand
Covert Forces Redux has been redesigned for the print market and is in the middle of layout. Once this is complete, print versions of the supplement will be available through Lulu. SEP is looking to increase those products available in print through Lulu, but this is not a high priority for us at this time. Should Covert Forces Redux perform particularly well as a print product, the SEP print catalogue will certainly become a higher priority.

Cyber-reality Avatar Toolkit
The Cyber-reality Avatar is the persona of a character immersed in a virtual reality information network such as represented in many works of cyberpunk. The product is being called a toolkit as it offers a multitude of options for each particular issue when playing an Avatar in an RPG. This product is being planned as part of the Modern Dispatch line through partnership with RPG Objects.

Roles & Classes
Two new advanced classes will be available through SEP’s popular Roles & Classes line. The Military Recon is a modern army scout, moving ahead of the main force on foot or mounted in light armoured vehicles. The Shadow Op is an intelligence operative that disappears into the local populace to strike like a ghost and disappear like morning mist. Both of these new classes will be available in the third quarter of 2008.

Fist Full of Comics & Games Interview
Fraser Ronald was interviewed for the podcast Fist Full of Comics & Games. The interview focused on the upcoming Mundus Novit: The Changed World, being released in partnership with Dark Quest Games.

Check back in later for further updates and news.

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