Campaign Journal: Viking True20 Actual Play

If you’ve been reading my campaign journal, you know a little something about the Viking campaign I’m running for my RPG group in Ottawa. I decided I wanted to do an actual play, and the first steps have been completed. The first episode, a “story so far” episode, is now available.

You can find information at the new blog dedicated to the Adventures of the Ottawa Warband. I apologize for the name. Not as cool as Accidental Survivors. We were on the spot with this one. The blog is at, herlid being Old Norse for warband, and warband being a group of vikings joined together under a leader or captain.

I will continue the campaign journal here, as well as cross-posting everything over to the blog. The actual play podcast will only be available at the blog. If you are interested, you can subscribe to the feed to get the podcasts as they come out.

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