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25 FEB 2009: The Accidental Survivors,, launched a new show called Collateral today. A concentrated burst of the inspiration and opinion listeners have come to expect from the Accidental Survivors, Collateral is a weekly podcast on role-playing game related topics. Unlike the Accidental Survivors podcast, Collateral will cast further afield than just modern gaming. Any topic connected to role-playing games is grist for this mill.

Collateral is available online and will also be featured as a regular program on War Pig Radio,, the internet radio station for gamers.

ABOUT THE ACCIDENTAL SURVIVORS: Beginning in September of 2006, the Accidental Survivors have brought their diverse perspectives to topics relating to role-playing games in the modern genre. With advice, interviews, and reviews, the Accidental Survivors cover the modern gaming scene. POC: Fraser Ronald,

ABOUT WAR PIG RADIO: War Pig Radio broadcasts game-related programming 24 hours a day. War Pig is available online, through syndication on gaming websites and blogs, and is played over the speakers at a growing number of local game retailers. POC: Ed Healy,

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  1. Brad says:

    Fraser with regards to your podcast on the “Meet” I could not agree more. A lot of personality conflicts could be avoided at the game table if there is a meeting before hand. Miss you at the game table down here dude. Best wishes.

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