Mundus Novit Update for June

Things are moving along nicely now with Mundus Novit. You may have noticed the first chapter in Dark Horizons, the Mundus Novit serial fiction, already published on the site. I thought I’d give you all a quick update, as some things have changed.

The work to bring Mundus Novit to fruition was daunting, and frankly I needed help. So, as previously planned, Mundus Novit will be released through Dark Quest Games. It will initially be a PDF, though there is talk of getting it to print. It will be released later this year. It is being updated and slightly changed.

The plan now is to release the setting as a systemless source book first, followed by the first system supplement–that one for the Modern version of the world’s most popular role-playing game. More supplements may follow, possibly published by Dark Quest Games and possible published by SEP.

SEP will be releasing a collection of adventure frameworks. These will no longer be titled “the Osiris Files.” As envisioned, the Osiris Files don’t fit perfectly into Mundus Novit, so they will be reworked and released under a different title. The format may be reworked slightly, but they will remain frameworks, more like the plot points campaigns from Savage Worlds than an adventure module like the Qalashar Device.

Another change that may happen is releasing Dark Horizons chapters weekly. My biggest concern with that is that I won’t be able to get the proofread and edited as well as I am right now. It’s a lot to ask friends to fire through 1500 words (on average) and provide critiques and line edits every week. So while the frequency would increase, the quality likely would. Anyone have any thoughts on that?

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