Osiris Rising

Update (18 May 2020): The experiment that was the Osiris Files never got off the ground. No feedback or expression of interest was ever received. The product is no longer available.

The Osiris Files series
The Osiris Files take place in a world right beside ours. Next door, or perhaps just down the block. People drive cars you would recognize, have jobs you would recognize, and eat food you would recognize. Somewhere, though, there is a shadow world. It might be a world of super spies, super humans, or magic. It might be a world of hidden monsters, ancient threats, or that which man was not meant to know.

The characters inhabit this shadow world. They may pose as accountants, or librarians, or electricians, but they are not. They are not butchers, bakers or candlestick makers. They are something different, something special, and something absolutely dangerous.

The Osiris Files are not adventures, they are concepts. Each operation provides briefing materials, background and ideas. The core of the adventure and its place in the campaign are left to the GM. There are no maps. There is no conclusion. While the concept provides possible conclusions and ideas as to what is happening, there is no set path to solving a problem. The Osiris Files only provide ideas.

Op NearscapeOperation Nearscape
The DNA of an astronaut and naval aviator declared MIA in 2006 has been found in a fragment from the Tunguska event of 1908. Is the aviator alive? How could his DNA be involved in the explosion of the Tunguska event, 100 years earlier? Osiris is tasked with learning the answers to these questions.

Black projects, super-science, and conspiracies all play a part in Operation Nearscape.

This product is part of the Osiris Files series and is systemless. It is not a complete module, but provides ideas and concepts built around a central conceit to help the GM build an adventure suited to the GM’s campaign.

Free Sneak Peek
The Osiris Files: Operation Nearscape is ready to go, except for some possible last minute layout decisions. Right now, I’m planning something pretty basic. I expect the product to be available for download within a month. When it is released, it will be free.

But you don’t have to wait. Send an email right now to sep@swordsedgepublishing.ca with “Gimme Gimme” in the Subject line, and I’ll send you back a copy of Operation Nearscape. When it goes live, I’ll send you the product ZIP as well.

All I ask is that you send me feedback. What works? What doesn’t work? Is this useful at all? Would you pay for it?

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  1. I’m not framilar with your company: what game system will this be for? Just found out about this via twitter. @AccidentalFrase was tweeting about it.

    1. Hey Canageek. The product is systemless. Usually SEP does d20 Modern stuff, but we’re trying something new. Ad copy with more information now added.

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