Lorestaves: the Church

The One True Church of Herotus
Concepts by Dean Martin and Fraser Ronald
Written by Fraser Ronald

The Church—as it is usually called—is based in Bordeleaux, Eresbor. Led by the Patriarch, the Church has a strictly hierarchical structure. Around the Patriarch are the Ecclesiarchs, often called the Princes of the Church. These Ecclesiarchs act as the Patriarch’s representatives to the world as well as working as the Patriarch’s council in Bordeleaux.

The Metropolitans are beneath the Ecclesiarchs. A Metropolitan acts as a leader within a specific geographical region known as a Metropole. Within a Metropole, the Metropolitan is the supreme religious authority. He has the power to act in the name of the Patriarch and is the final arbiter of the religious courts. He is also expected to advise the local secular leaders on matters religious, and to protect the interests of the Church.

Working as the representatives of the Metropolitans in large areas, like cities or a province within a Metropole are the Bishops. These are powerful men within the Church as it is rare that a Metropolitan will leave his palace-sanctuary to venture out into the provinces. As such, the Bishops can act with almost complete independence in the Metropolitan’s name.

The work of the Church is carried out by its Priests. These are men dedicated to the Church who lead congregations, some as large as a massive cathedral, some as small as a village temple. Each Metropole is broken down into geographic districts. The leading Priest of a district is a Deacon.

The beliefs of the Church revolve around Herotus as the creator and final judge of all life. The philosophies of the Church include an emphasis on unquestioning obedience, the use of force in protection of the Church, and the supremacy of the Church to any secular authority. The Holy Knights embody these tenets.

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