The Lorestaves: The Squandering Snail – Third Floor

The Tavern and Gambling Den at the Sign of the Squandering Snail
Written by Fraser Ronald
Maps and Illustrations by Dean Martin


The Third Floor

The third floor is also built out of wood. The ceilings of some rooms will slope, as this is the top floor of the building and it has a sloped roof.

Murnac’s Room

Against the east wall of this room is a bed that wouldn’t be out of place in a noble’s chamber. A draping canopy hangs on four posters carved to resemble mermaids. The mattress looks thick and comfortable. At the foot of it is a great chest with two padlocks. Across from it, against the southwest wall, is a large stone hearth. At the northwest wall is a counter and cupboard. On the counter are four glasses surrounding a glass decanter. The liquid in the decanter is a pale gold. In the northeast corner of the room is a tall wardrobe. There are doors to the northwest and east.

This room is proof of Murnac’s success and prosperity. The locks on the chest are each DC 30. In the chest is Murnac’s life savings, a total of 150 wrens (gp) and an astonishing 78 braces (pp). Along with this is a hauberk of chain (“light” masterwork chain shirt weighing 20 lbs.) and a shortsword (masterwork shortsword with a +1 enhancement bonus to attack and damage rolls). Murnac does not usually wear or use these items as they have a sentimental value to him, memories of a time he relied on his wits and—more regularly—his strong right arm to get him out of trouble.

In the wardrobe are sets of clothing both for work (effectively, artisan’s outfits) and for entertaining (effectively, courtier’s outfits). These clothes are for a relatively hefty man, but could be worn by any person of average Human size. They are quite clean, amazing considering so little else of the Snail is.

The door to the balcony has a DC 30 padlock on it.

The Balcony

This small balcony overlooks the road to the north of the Snail. It has a carved wood banister. There are two doors giving access to the building.

Both doors are locked from the inside. The locks cannot be accessed from the exterior. The padlock in Murnac’s Room is DC 30. The padlock in the Sitting Room is DC 25.

The Sitting Room

This small area has three cushioned chairs, all appearing quite comfortable.

This small area is used by Murnac when he is meeting with individuals and wants to make them wait, as a way of exerting or exhibiting power. When he is having individuals wait here, he will unlock the balcony door at this room, but not his own.

Dunchad’s Room

This room has a sturdy bed in its southeast corner with a small chest at its foot. Against the east wall is a wardrobe. A table with two chairs sits against the north wall.

The largest of the staff accommodations, this room reflects much about Dunchad. It is practical, comfortable but not ostentatious. The wardrobe includes a selection of work clothes, artisan’s outfits, and two cloaks, one worn and patched, the other in good condition, black with a blue border.

Tathan’s Room

This room has a bed and a chest at its foot. A wardrobe is set against the north wall.

There is nothing of value in this room, as Tathan has nothing of value. The clothing in the wardrobe and the chest is old and worn.

Staff Dormitory

This room has two sets of bunkbeds, each with one bed atop another. There is a set of four chests, one at the head and foot of each bed.

Staff without outside accommodations and not important enough to Murnac to rate their own room can stay in one of these dormitories. As they are unpopular, right now only a couple of the toughs share the north one and two servers share the south one.

Staff Lounge

This room has a collection of ratty and worn furnishings, including a divan, a settee and two cushioned chairs. A scratched and stained set of cupboards is set against the west wall.

This is where the staff comes to unwind and relax when not working. Murnac did not create this—the staff did, rescuing old items of furniture of which Murnac had intended to dispose. As it costs Murnac nothing and it seems to keep the staff happy, he hasn’t shut it down.

Staff Rooms

This room has a sturdy-looking bed with a chest at its foot. Beside it is a wardrobe. Against the opposite wall is a chair and table.

The rooms for Chardine, Flourette, Faelan and Bressal are all the same. None of them has anything of any real value, save for their clothes and possibly a few personal items of sentimental value.

The Treasury

This room has four, iron bound chests, each with two padlocks.

Here is where Murnac secrets the money for the Snail. He may not be a brilliant man, but he is smart enough to keep his money separate from the Snail’s, and he does not dip into this money, except to pay off big winners or pay for improvements on the structure. He feels some security as the locks are very expensive (DC 35 each) and he has paid the local thieves’ guild for immunity.

Murnac’s Private Suite

Scattered about this room are various sturdy furnishings, such as chairs and settees. The walls are plastered and painted. There is a sideboard against a wall, atop of which are an earthenware jug and some pewter tankards. A large table in the center of the room has a cloth top.

This is where Murnac goes when friends visit. They can sit and talk, gamble or do whatever they like. It is also where Murnac goes when he wants to relax, usually with a courtesan or his mistress, if he has one at the time.

The Ducal Suite

Deep burgundy paper covers the walls of this room. Over the rich paper are tapestries depicting mythological scenes. The colors are vibrant and the images are energetic. A great, four-postered bed with a dark, draped canopy rests against the west wall. Two settees, upholstered in needlework fabrics, flank a low table of dark cherry-coloured wood. Against another wall is a tall wardrobe fronted by a mirror.

Murnac set up this room in case he needed something to impress a moneyed individual. That has not yet happened, but each time a rich merchant becomes indebted to the Snail, Murnac will decide if he will take something of value, such as furnishings, rather than the actual money owed. These furnishings end up here. If a visiting merchant from another city or perhaps even a noble happened to visit the Snail, Murnac would attempt to interest them in staying. For the most part, he wants a reaction to the room itself. He expects he can charge 10 wrens (gp) for a night. The truth is, the room is quite comfortable.

The one thing Murnac has used this room for is for romantic assignations with his mistresses. Sometimes, Murnac finds himself involved with a tradesman’s wife or widow, and Murnac has found the room helps to overcome their better natures.

Top of the Balcony

This room has darkened wood walls, complete with tapestries that may have once been impressive but to which time has been cruel. There are three tables here, each with chairs around them. A chandelier hangs from the ceiling, boasting sconces for at least fifteen candles. There is a hearth in the southeast corner.

This is the best “common” room that the Snail can offer. Open only to those who have the means to play a minimum of a prince, this room is usually closed. When it is opened, Murnac always has a tough on the door at the balcony and a tough at the door leading to the rest of the third floor.

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