Swords and A Squandering Snail: Drustan of Teyrs

Drustan of Teyrs, warrior and outlaw
22 year old Male Half-Orc Ranger2/Rogue 1: CR 3; Size M; HD 2d8+2 + 1d6+1; hp 19; Init +3; Spd 30 ft.; AC 17 (16 without shield); BAB +2; Atk +7 (+3 two weapon fighting) melee (1d8+4, spear), or +6 (+2 two weapon fighting) melee (1d6+4, dirk), or +6 (+2 two weapon fighting) melee (1d4+4, shield), +5 ranged (1d6, dirk); SV Fort +5, Ref +8, Will +1; AL NG; Str 18, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 13, Cha 10.

Skills: Disguise +4, Heal +5, Hide +8, Intimidate +5, Knowledge (geography) +4, Knowledge (nature) +4, Listen +5, Move Silently +8, Spot +6, Survival +7.

Feats: Power Attack, Weapon Focus (Broad-bladed short spear)

Features (Racial): darkvision, orc blood.

Features (Rogue): Sneak Attack, +1d6; Trapfinding.

Features (Ranger): Light Armor; Shields; Simple and Martial Weapons; Track; Two Weapon Fighting; Wild Empathy.

Possessions – Carried (38): Broad-bladed short spear, long dirk, bladed light shield, studded leather armor, belt pouch (belt); thieves tools (pouch); waterskin (belt); explorer’s outfit.

(on light warhorse, Tersig, carrying 49# with rider, 300#): bit and bridle; military saddle; saddlebags.

(on mule, Arstrik, carrying 145.5#): bit and bridle, pack saddle, bedroll, fishhook, 10 ft fishing line, grappling hook, 50 ft hemp rope, 5 torches, 5 days trail rations, 10 days feed.

Background: The tribes of Herkko in the Mid-Scar Range have long captured slaves during their raids. Kaemar, Spear Captain to Hengist the Ironeye, found himself attracted to a female slave and took her as a concubine. Drusta of Teyrs did not completely oppose the union. She found Kaemar’s strength and sense of honor attractive, if not his physiognomy. From their union came Drustan of Teyrs, named in honor of his mother. Kaemar offered Drusta her freedom in consideration of giving him a son. She stayed to raise her boy.

The Orcs of Herkko still worshipped the Old Gods, making them heretics in the eyes of the Church. The usual crusades against heretics did nothing to dissuade the tribes from their worship. The Church called on the talents of the Holy Knights in their battle against the heretic tribes. The Holy Knights succeeded where all others had failed.  They not only conquered the tribes, they exterminated them. Village by village, family by family, the Holy Knights burned away the heresy and offered the mercy of swift death to all others. Even the slaves of the tribes who had accepted the Orcs’ religion were fed to the fires of purity.

Drustan fought along with the others of his tribe. Unlike them, he learned from his mistakes. He learned to fight without honor and to give no quarter. He became merciless in his battles, but in the end, though he did not lose a battle, he soon found himself alone, abandoned by the others of his tribe who could not accept the loss of their traditions, even at the cost of their lives. He lost everyone ― his mother and father to the Holy Knights, his people to his determination to survive and triumph.

The war continued, but Drustan fought alone against the Church. He became secretive, striking from the darkness. He amassed allies. He found himself protecting those who questioned the Church. Rarely were those burned as heretics truly against the Church, merely some of its practices. Drustan did his best, but he failed more often than he succeeded.

His actions earned him the friendship of a sorcerer in hiding, Eam of Tomerlan. Eam had the temerity to denounce religion and refused to recognize the moral authority of the Church. He found himself the target of the Holy Knights, who charged Eam had joined in league with the 12 Demons. Drustan aided Eam in his quest to find his cousin. When they finally did, Drustan found another trusted comrade at arms.

New Martial Weapons

Cost (gp)

Dmg (S)

Dmg (M)


Range Increment



Light Melee Weapons

Dirk, long





5 ft.

2 lb.


Bladed shield, light wooden





11 lb.


One-Handed Melee Weapons

Broad-bladed short spear

15 gp




5 lb.


Table: Armor and Shields








Dex Bonus


Check Penalty

Arcane Spell

Failure Chance

(30 ft.)

(20 ft.)








11 lb.

shield, light wooden


Watch SEP for more d20 characters from Swords and A Squandering Snail. Coming November 9, the character sheet and history for Cade of Galaras.


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