The Lorestaves: The Squandering Snail – The Basement

The Tavern and Gambling Den at the Sign of the Squandering Snail
Written by Fraser Ronald
Maps and Illustrations by Dean Martin

The Basement
The walls in this area are made of earth, though they have wood beams reinforcing them.


Wood racks, set in three rows of two, fill most of this area. On these racks are a variety of goods, mostly preserves in earthenware jugs, sealed with something that looks like dark wax. There are some small kegs and even a few boxes. The room has an odour bordering on unpleasant but not quite strong enough to be truly a stench.

The boxes contain dried fish. Some of the kegs are of salted eggs and salted pork in brine, the others hold a pale gold alcohol, quite strong, like whiskey. The preserves include fruits and vegetables.


Other than two old, empty barrels, the only thing is this room is a collapsed wall with wood beams and splinters pointing out of it at odd angles. There is a small corridor cut into the ground leading off.

If the PCs are playing the Lorestaves adventure, this is where the first staff is found.


The only items in this area are two chests, each almost three feet high. They are padlocked, but the locks are rusted.

The padlocks are so rusted that their DC is 15. The chests contain personal papers and items from Wesent, the previous owner. Murnac rifled through them before he had his staff drag them into the basement. What he didn’t find, because he didn’t really try hard, was the small chest that holds 20 braces (pp). The chest has a DC 35 lock. This was Wesent’s emergency stash.

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