SEP Doesn’t Look Back, Only Forward

I lie. We certainly do look back. Thing is, I can’t say much for Sword’s Edge Publishing in 2009. The big events came late in the year.

The Osiris Files, first discussed in April, remain languishing in development perdition (not exactly hell, but not released, so not heaven either), but I am moving forward, slowly, with that. For your personal edification, two of the projected seven products are done, but I want all seven done or close enough to finished that completion should not be an issue, before I release any. The reason is that they are all linked, and form a kind of story arc if so desired. I don’t want to start putting them out and then they evaporate. Other big plans have done that.

May saw the first chapter of Mundus Novit: Dark Horizons. The story continues to unfold every two weeks, right here. Chapter 16 of a projected 24 chapters is out, so we’re a third of the way through, though the outline doesn’t always conform to the writing, so there may be more chapters lurking in there.

At the end of August, SEP presented the first, unfinished module in what would have been the Lorestaves series. Piece by piece, the module has been presented for free on the website. The last section was released on December 15. I hope someone found it useful. Personally, I’m kind of sad this didn’t take off back when we had planned it (back when I had time to write massive 13 module campaigns), but it’s not the only project to die a lamented death.

So what’s coming in 2010?

That’s a good question. In some form or another, Mundus Novit will finally be released. The exact method and form of its release is still uncertain, but once I know, you’ll know.

Will the Osiris Files make an appearance? That’s the plan. I’ve started on module 3, so I’m almost half-way through the planned arc. If it gets done, it’ll come out. I am torn between testing the waters with the first two and waiting until I have a big enough buffer that I can ensure one release per month.

If you listen to the Accidental Survivors, and specifically Collateral, which has become a kind of personal soapbox, you know that I started SEP for the wrong reasons, that I enjoy creating rather than business. It’s for this reason, and the fact that I have a beautiful wife and two awesome daughters (a 3 year-old and an 11 month-old), so my free time is devoted to them first and my hobbies–including SEP, which should be a business, but I have to admit is a hobby–come a distant second.

I want to see how Mundus Novit is received before I make any promises, but if it is popular, SEP will basically become the Mundu Novit channel, and the Osiris Files will be edited to link them more closely to Mundus Novit.

Keep an eye on my blog for personal news, like my writings and such, as I hope to have more news about that soon.

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  1. Thanks for the update Fraser….I have been enjoying Mundus Novit. Something like that would work well with Spycraft 2.0 and combined with the magic aspect of Fantasycraft.

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