Reading Intelligence/Military Blogs

If you are going to read blogs about intelligence and/or military theory and thought, with a dose of current events, I have three that I think you need to read.

Abu Muqawama: Out of the Center for a New American Security (sic . . . yes, sic–I’m Canadian), this blog is nominally hosted by Andrew Exum, but includes the outstanding Londonstani, who has delivered a plethora of very insightful posts.

The Security Crank: Kind of the anti-think tanker. Scathing yet informative, I’ve just started following this blog, and it regularly delivers the Devil’s Advocate goodness. I like reading this one and Abu Muqawama together, as they help to mix up the ideas and interpretations.

War is Boring: This is the blog for the intrepid David Axe, a freelance journalist who seems just about willing to go anywhere and do anything to get a good story. He seems to have a lot of contacts in places like Somalia, that helps him to sound almost prescient in many situations. Most of his posts are pretty short, but they are interspersed by lots of longer articles that find their way into places likeWorld Politics Review and the Washington Times.

So what are you reading that you think I should?

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