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So . . . Noir?

Reason # 3 to buy the current issue of On Spec: it may lead to the wholesale adoption of Sword Noir as a genre . . . that or it goes into the dustbin of history, either way you have … Continue reading

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Mundus Novit: Dark Horizons – Who’s Taking the High Road?

This follows Seventeen: Foibles Eighteen: Who’s Taking the High Road? “How safe is this safehouse, yknow, exactly?” Digs had his Browning Hi-Power in hand, discrete but ready. “As safe as possible.” Gurung led Digs up a rickety flight of stairs … Continue reading

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Quo Vadis?

Where are we going? That’s a good question. This recent, short hiatus did provide me with some time to think, as I nursed a couple of sick kids through a lot of coughing and nose drizzle. Here’s what I concluded. … Continue reading

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Veni Vidi . . . Scripsi?

Sword’s Edge Publishing is back as I have not died from the plague. However, I will be candid with you and admit that I have burned through the buffer of chapters I had for Dark Horizons, so the new chapter … Continue reading

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DriveThruRPG’s Customers Donate $178,900.00 to Doctors Without Borders for Haiti Relief

Posting directly from the press release: (Atlanta, GA) – DriveThruRPG, an online marketplace for traditional dice-and-paper roleplaying games, recently conducted a fund-raising program in the wake of the devastating earthquake that affected Haiti. The effort resulted in an amount of … Continue reading

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