Analyticalize This!

What could I possibly be talking about this Tuesday? My Mutants & Masterminds campaign? Sword Noir? More adventures? More fiction?

Google Analytics.

I can hear the collective intake of breath on that one.

Bear with me. Analytics might not be the absolute best way to track audience, but it’s pretty good. What it tells me is that SEP is losing audience. Like, a lot. Conversely, Sword’s Edge has been gaining audience. Like, a lot.

So, I’ve been working pretty hard to keep both websites current and populated with posts. Those of you keeping track will know that I have a new day job. I’m also doing distance education. My new day job offers less opportunity to do work on down time. I can’t really say why, just trust me, this is the case. My distance education courses are taking up time at night.

You know where this is going, right?

Since I don’t have time to write four posts a week (and that only allows for two posts per site), I need to focus my energies.

From here on in, pretty much everything will be posted at Sword’s Edge. The only exception will be Mundus Novit-themed articles and fiction. As much time as Dark Horizons robs from me, I’m keeping with it. You will see a conclusion.

All other articles, reviews, ideas, fiction, etc will be over at Sword’s Edge. I may be wrong, but looking at the numbers I’m guessing that a huge majority of the people visiting SEP, visit SE. If not, can you start doing so?

Or just keep track of everything me related at my tumblr page.

If you think this is a really bad idea, let me know why.

The easiest thing to do is follow the RSS feed. That’ll let you know when SEP is updated. You can expect something everything Thursday (Mundus Novit related), but once Dark Horizons is done, that will likely taper off.

Bummer, eh? It’s been in the cards for a while. My net presence has been deteriorating since the birth of my second daughter. Someday, maybe I’ll have more time again.


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