Dark Horizons Gone . . . Dark

You have probably noticed the newest chapter/episode/posting for Dark Horizons is late. I apologize.

I don’t want this to sound like an excuse, because it’s not. It is a bit of a look under the hood.

When I write, especially for something as long as Dark Horizons, I need a roadmap. I plot out the story with many of the key points and important information attached to sections. The thing is, as everything progresses, information and decisions change. It’s kind of clichéd, but I have to admit that the characters do take hold of the story and begin to drive it.

While some changes are incremental, some changes are not. Sometimes a voice demands to be heard. This is the case with Rudi the Russian. Originally intended as a throw away character who existed more to illustrate the personality and past of Alexander Scott, I really liked Rudi. I wanted to see more of him. He took over his own thread, and provided the link to Boyle that another set of characters were supposed to make.

Kyle and Meredith, introduced in Four: the Bedouin, were supposed to be main characters. Prospero was supposed to have a hand in the ongoing excitement. The thing is that neither of them spoke to me. The Bedouin, though—the Bedouin spoke to me like Rudi did. I wanted to see more of him. A character intended to disappear into the background, to impact on the story from off screen, and to be referenced more than seen, got his own story thread.

It’s because of these changes that the story has morphed into something larger than originally intended. While I was somewhat ahead of the game when this whole thing started, I have fallen behind. That sucks for all of us, but I assure you I will finish this and it will be more or less on time.

Less more than more.

I hope you stick with me for the ride!

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