Expectation and Optimism

Now that Dark Horizons has concluded, things are going back to their quiet default. This isn’t because SEP is getting buried. It is actually SEP is about to resurface, if only temporarily.

Those of you hanging around here will know that I’m working on a role-playing game system called Sword Noir. While I haven’t been as diligent in my posting about that design as I could be, the discussion over at the Accidental Survivors forum and the play-testing that has been done so far has helped me to hone the initial concept and mechanics.

Along with Sword Noir, I’m working on a game called Kiss My Axe: Thirteen Warriors and an Angel of Death. As one might guess, this is going to be a Viking role-playing game. After some design prototypes and discussion, I’ve settled on a hack of the Sword Noir rules themselves.

So there are two actual games coming from SEP, hopefully in the near future. I would like to say that Sword Noir will be available before the end of 2010, but that is an optimistic forecast. The mechanics are still in the play-test stage, and the book itself still requires writing.

Let’s say that you can expect Sword Noir coming first quarter of 2011, and Kiss My Axe soon after.

If you are wondering what these games will be like, this part of the introduction should give you some clues.

The inspiration for the creation of this game comes from Tim Gray’s Jaws of the Six Serpents and published by Silver Branch Games. It is an excellent sword & sorcery RPG. It is based on the PDQ system designed by Chad Underkoffler over at Atomic Sock Monkey Press. Further inspiration was provided by The Shadow of Yesterday by Clinton R. Dixon—another foray into S&S–Fate 3.0 by Robert Donoghue, Fred Hicks, and Leonard Balsera—which provides a more generic game that can be easily focused to represent almost any genre—and Lady Blackbird by John Harper from One.Seven Design—which is a kind of pulp/steampunk adventure and system all in one.

You can find the discussion of the game design here.

You can read Dark Horizons here.

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