Arcane Kingdoms Preview

The time will soon be upon us when Arcane Kingdoms will be released into the wild. In case you need some reminding, Arcane Kingdoms offers descriptions of seven nations in a PDF with 27 pages of content. The expected price is $2.99. Arcane Kingdoms will be released in January 2011.

The purpose of Arcane Kingdoms is to provide a small amount of information on a collection of nations that could be used in your game. How these are used depend on what you need.

If you are interested in seeing a quick preview, click on the thumbnail to go to an image of a page from the product. It should give you some idea of what you’ll be getting yourself into if you purchase the product.

Arcane Kingdoms will be released within the next two weeks. SEP’s schedule has taken a bit of a hit due to some delays with Sword Noir. But don’t worry, everything is coming, if slowly.

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