Arcane Kingdoms

Across the seas or perhaps trackless deserts, places of legend in stories told by sailors who have seen the edges of the world, these Arcane Kingdoms are beyond the knowledge of many. But here, collected in these pages, is all the information known of these realms.

For now.

Arcane Kingdoms offers descriptions of seven nations in a PDF with 27 pages of content.

The purpose of Arcane Kingdoms is to provide a small amount of information on a collection of nations that could be used in your game. How these are used depend on what you need. If you are running a “points of light” campaign, your players’ characters may find themselves near the edge of the map, and begin asking what’s beyond that. You may need a background for a mysterious character, some place beyond the confines already known in your campaign. One of your players may want a character who likewise comes from beyond the known lands.

Basically, this saves you from thinking up some foreign lands, for whatever purpose they might be needed.

Arcane Kingdoms is system neutral and includes no system or mechanical information. You can find it at RPG Now and Drive Thru RPG.

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4 Responses to Arcane Kingdoms

  1. Brad says:

    So I picked up (downloaded for RPGNow) Arcane Kingdoms for the simple reason I am a friend of Fraser Ronald and a supporter of SEP. I always believe in helping out my friends.
    I wasn’t sure about this product as I still hope Fraser will eventually fill that niche of Modern or Near Future Supplements that I think we need more of. Anyways….all and all I do like it but have some reservations regarding certain nations portrayed therein.
    I really like how SEP had each nation/state laid out and how it was broken down. I really feel that the FX Campaign is a very nice touch and it really helped me visualize the nation itself. I would have liked to see more information on the respective militaries but that is something I like to see for all my games. Something I would have liked to see is naming conventions for each country and maybe a brief descriptive text on what society Fraser’s country was trying to emulate. Some are obvious but others I still wonder.
    Would I use this product? I already have. Its nice to have something already done up as SEP has done so here. I won’t use it as is (sorry Fraser) but will yank ideas as needed. I can see a lot of use by taking bits and pieces.
    If I was to rate this I would give it a 3.5 out of 5.

    • Fraser says:

      Hey Brad

      No need to be sorry. In fact, yanking out ideas and using it for inspiration is exactly what I envisioned for the product. 3.5 out of 5 is 70%, and I’m not going to cry about a B-. Reminds me of first year university.

      Naming conventions and a general overview of the military wouldn’t be bad ideas. This is something I might be able to do to upgrade the product in the future. The nice thing about RPG now is that I can improve products and people who have bought them will get the update.

      As for Modern and Near Future, what kind of products do you think people would buy? Give me some ideas and maybe you’ll see something in the near future. 😉

  2. Brad says:

    I think sourcebooks for Modern have been done to death. You know me Fraser on how much I like my firearms but I really think everyone homes in on Guns because they are cool and interesting.
    I think more scenarios should be done. I also felt you were on the right track with the UK Special Ops.
    Vehicles and Aircraft seem to be ignored. Another area I feel that was ignored was genre mixing. Lets use something near and dear to your heart, Fraser like Vikings. Imagine if their culture survived into the 21st century and beyond, how it was look today?
    Just a few things thrown out there.

    • Fraser says:

      The one thing that I think I might interest me would be more scenarios, but they cost the most (art and cartography) and sell the worst.

      I would love to do more modern stuff, but I honestly am not feeling inspired. I was going to try to run something in Khorforjan with my new group, but we’ve had two more defections (moving residences and a move to the night shift) so we are down to two people again–not enough in my mind for a group. I honestly don’t know if I’ll get back into doing modern stuff, but the future of SEP is totally up the air, so one never knows.

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