Sales for July

I’m gearing up for Gen Con, so I wanted to get this out the door before I am. This month turned out pretty well, and I’m happy with the sales for The Kheufer Scrolls. It’s hard to tell, but it may have helped to push Sword Noir a bit.

Kiss My Axe should be out soon after Gen Con, followed by one-shots for both it and Sword Noir. After that, I have no plans. There are projects I might pursue, but if I do, it will be through Indie-A-Go-Go, to give me an idea of the kind of demand I can expect and front-load the costs. I’m thinking maybe a game of Roman Legionaries and possibly more short story collections. We shall see. Likely, I’ll start with a fallow period, just to centre myself for a bit.

Total Sales for June
Arcane Kingdoms
Arcane Kingdoms, 3
For Simple Coin, 10

Covert Forces
Canada’s Combined Security Reconnaissance Section, 1
Covert Forces Redux, 1

Sword’s Edge System
Sword’s Edge System, Free Rules, 71
Sword Noir, 31
The Kheufer Scrolls, 32

Total Sales to Date
Albenistan: Election Day (Modern Dispatch 113): 29
Khorforjan Gambit: 89
Qalashar Device: 103
Raid On Ashkashem: 142

Arcane Kingdoms
Arcane Kingdoms: 23
For Simple Coin: 36

Charity Products
Relief Effort: 53

Covert Forces
Canada’s Combined Security Reconnaissance Section: 85
Covert Forces: 100
Covert Forces Redux: 133
In Her Majesty’s Service: 120

Modern Medieval
Gunpowder Plots: 73
Man-At-Arms Advanced Class: 36
Mercenary Advanced Class: 39
Spy Advanced Class: 34
Modern Medieval Compilation: 46
(for Japanese Disaster Relief)

Cyber-state Avatar Toolkit: 35
Line Zero: 32

Roles & Classes
Capable Hero: 84
Combat Hero: 83
Counter-Terrorism Assaulter: 95
Covert Hero: 92
Spec Ops Recce: 93
Special Operations Marksman: 93
Talent Trees Assembled: 68

Sword’s Edge System
Sword’s Edge System, Free Rules 609
Sword Noir 197
The Kheufer Scrolls, 32

Treasure Chest Unlocked
Gems: 66
Incense: 7

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