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Spec Ops in Various Systems

In a series of posts over at Sword’s Edge, I talk about using light systems for modern military, special operations-type characters. I wrote them because I’m thinking about writing a Spec Ops style adventure using our Sword’s Edge System. I’ve … Continue reading

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Sword Noir: Full Contact

Here’s a Sword Noir plot idea: The characters were framed for various crimes and have spent the last year or more toiling at the oars of Everthorn’s merchant fleet. They are suddenly released at the behest of the Captain (leader … Continue reading

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August Sales

There were no new releases in August, and I think that can be seen clearly in the sales for Sword Noir. I’m not going to say that sales were bad, because before releasing Sword Noir, 13 units in a month … Continue reading

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Crossing the Millers: A Sword Noir Adventure

In this adventure for Sword Noir: A Role-Playing Game of Hardboiled Sword & Sorcery, Finney the Miller, master of East Corners, wants the Fixer’s crew to take care of a romantic rival he suspects has captured his mistress’ eyes, if … Continue reading

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