Crossing the Millers: A Sword Noir Adventure

In this adventure for Sword Noir: A Role-Playing Game of Hardboiled Sword & Sorcery, Finney the Miller, master of East Corners, wants the Fixer’s crew to take care of a romantic rival he suspects has captured his mistress’ eyes, if not her heart. But does this risk a war with a gang that has sworn allegiance to the Millers? Or does it risk something else entirely.

Crossing the Millers is a PDF adventure with 21 pages of content including 3 pages of narrative characters and 6 pre-generated characters for use by the players. While the adventure does not require the use of Sword Noir, the narrative characters and some situations are based on that system and would require modification to use with another system.

Crossing the Millers is now available from RPG Now.

If you have already bought both Sword Noir and the Kheufer Scrolls, you can get Crossing the Millers for free. If you aren’t receiving email from RPG Now, drop me a line with your customer ID and I’ll send you back the discount link.


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