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Osiris: Running Silent

More than 200 downloads of Operation Nearscape since its release less than two weeks ago, and not one piece of feedback. I got a very nice review from Megan Robertson, and she seems to think that she would welcome more, … Continue reading

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Sword Noir: Character Sheet

There is a character sheet included with Sword Noir: a Role-playing Game of Hardboiled Sword & Sorcery, but here is one that is designed as a form and so can be filled in. It doesn’t do anything fancy, like provide … Continue reading

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Sword Noir One-Pager: Kiss MacGuffin Deadly

This one-pager probably works best if your PCs are Urban Cohorts in Everthorn–or otherwise representatives of some level of law enforcement or other organization that imposes order in some fashion, like the Knights Templar and Hospitaller in the Holy Lands … Continue reading

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Operations Nearscape: an Osiris File

The DNA of an astronaut and naval aviator declared MIA in 2006 has been found in a fragment from the Tunguska event of 1908. Is the aviator alive? How could his DNA be involved in the explosion of the Tunguska … Continue reading

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Sword Noir One-Pager: The Lost

This one-pager only fits on a page with 10 pt font, but that’s fair, isn’t it? One thing I like about this one is that if the PCs are playing criminals, this is where they distinguish themselves from the scum. … Continue reading

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Sword Noir One Pager: Layers

I talked a little bit about one-pagers over at Sword’s Edge. Here’s the first one-pager for Sword Noir, Layers. You can read the Sword’s Edge article here. Situation The criminal boss, Dugald the Lame, has brought the PCs into a … Continue reading

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Sword Noir: Valuable Lessons

I learned two things at our Sword Noir game last night. 1. One must enunciate correctly. “Contact” sounds very much like “contract” in the right conditions. 2. While Sword Noir has a magic system, it is possible to do “low … Continue reading

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Sales Figures for September

As you can see from the figures below, Crossing the Millers did pretty well for its first month—and that is, of course, relative to my expectations. Please remember, when looking at those figures, that Sword’s Edge Publishing is a z-list … Continue reading

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