Sword Noir One Pager: Layers

I talked a little bit about one-pagers over at Sword’s Edge. Here’s the first one-pager for Sword Noir, Layers. You can read the Sword’s Edge article here.

The criminal boss, Dugald the Lame, has brought the PCs into a major operation that he is planning, one that offers a massive pay-out. He won’t take no for an answer because he says the PCs are the best in the business—and if the PCs insist on saying no, that’s a whole other adventure. Just as the job/deal/whatever is going down, the Urban Cohorts swoop in to arrest everyone. As the PCs may (or may not) learn, Dugald sold them out. Under the guise of the Ghost Crow, he’s been selling anyone he doesn’t like to the Cohorts, getting their money and a free pass for his own operations.

Plot Points
1. Just before starting the job, the PCs recognize a crooked Urban Cohort named Vindiacos skulking around, trying to look non-descript with a big cloak covering his breastplate and weapons. This will hopefully clue them in that things are wonky. If they don’t figure it out, they are faced with double their numbers in Urban Cohorts who are—thankfully—out to arrest them rather than kill them.

2. Either information from the crooked Cohort or other resources lead the PCs to the Maze and Alisanos. He sells the information to the Cohorts, but it comes from the Ghost Crow, who seems to know almost everything about the Everthorn underworld. The Ghost Crow can only be found at his Sea Palace.

3. The Ghost Crow is well-protected by both Urban Cohorts and his own gang of cut-throats both at the launch to the Sea Palace, and on the Sea Palace as well. No one seems to know what the Ghost Crow looks like, or where on the Sea Palace he can be found.

1. The Maze: Likely in Gagerum or a similar slum, the Maze is a collection of tenements covering over three blocks that have been attached by walkways, additions, and extensions so that they form one giant building, but a building that is its own neighbourhood, inhabiting vertical as well as horizontal space. The Maze has merchants, taverns, inns, a cooper and even a blacksmith. It is run by the Cursed Crew.

2. The Sea Palace: This is a collection of barges, anchored outside the sea walls near the Tides. Buildings have been built on these barges and there are chain and board bridges between barges. There is a brothel, a casino, an opium den, and an inn and tavern. It is not open to anyone, and the Ghost Crow keeps invites to a minimum.

Narrative Characters
1. Duglad the Lame master of Right Banks/Ghost Crow, master of the Sea Palace
Concept: Ringleader (+2) Faculty: Deception (Wit, +2)
Phy 9; Agl 7; Wit 9; Cha 12; Wil 7

2. Vindiacos, Urban Cohort contact
Concept: Corrupt Cohort (+2) Faculty: Bringing the Pain (Phy, +2)
Phy 12; Agl 9; Wit7; Cha 7; Wil 9

3. Alisanos, purveyor of information
Concept: Underworld Merchant (+2) Background: Orphan of the Streets (+2)
Faculty: Connections (Cha, +2) Flaw: All that glitters (-2)
Phy 9; Agl 9; Wit 12; Cha 15; Wil 12
Sell you Anything (Cha, +2), Know It All (Wit, +2)

4. Requin, master of the Cursed Crew and Mayor of the Maze
Concept: Enforcer (+2) Faculty: the Blade (Phy, +2)
Phy 12; Agl 9; Wit 7; Cha 7; Wil 9

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