Sword Noir One-Pager: The Lost

This one-pager only fits on a page with 10 pt font, but that’s fair, isn’t it? One thing I like about this one is that if the PCs are playing criminals, this is where they distinguish themselves from the scum. I talk about that a bit over at Sword’s Edge.

The Lost

Regher Gaunt, once an Urban Cohort, achieved something of note when he was drilled out of that corrupt organization for being too corrupt. He’s now a resident of the Gagerum, maybe the biggest slum in Everthorn, and an old enemy has taken the only thing that matters to him, his daughter. He almost got killed trying to get her back, and now he’s turned to the PCs as his only hope. Cut-Lip Caladis—who used to run with the gang known as the Fallen Ones—took the girl and has someone backing him up, a bunch of someones who almost killed Regher. Now Regher’s got nothing, no one to help him, and might not even live to see another morning. All he wants is his daughter safe.

Plot Points
1. Regher actually did his job when he put Cut-Lip to the oars for robbing and killing a family, but Cut-Lip holds a major grudge because this was one time when Regher couldn’t be bought. Regher knows Caladis is willing to kill children, so he’s desperate.

2. This is just sweet revenge for Caladis, who intends to sell the girl into slavery. He tried to interest the Fallen Ones, but only his previous association with them stopped them from gutting him. He’s gone too far. They didn’t stop him but they have no love for him. They know he’s on the way to the Pit.

3. Caladis indeed has Regher’s daughter, Lydia, at the Pit. He also has 8 hired goons led by Druxis, a mercenary.

1. The Aerie: The Fallen Ones congregate at an old watchtower that is now on the edge of the North Road, just on the outskirts of East Corners. It’s been modified and heightened so that it now climbs six stories up, and has a diameter of 20 metres at its base and 10 metres at its apex. Each floor serves a different purpose—tavern, gambling hall, brothel, and opium den—with the top two stories the headquarters of the Fallen Ones.

2. The Pit: Three kilometres north-east, off the North road, is an old quarry or mine or something. This is an illegal slave market that opens for one night during the full moon. The Pit is only the most recent location, as whenever the Urban Prefect learns of its location, he sends the Captain and his Whites to shut the place down.

Narrative Characters
1. Regher Gaunt, disgraced Urban Cohort
Concept: Loser (+2) Faculty: Tough Guy (Phy, +2)
Phy 12; Agl 9; Wit 7; Cha 7; Wil 9

2. Cut-Lip Caladis, holds a major grudge
Concept: SOB (+2) Faculty: Back Stabbing (Phy, +2)
Phy 12; Agl 9; Wit 9; Cha 7; Wil 7

3. Adreanna, leader of the Fallen Ones
Concept: Honourable Criminal (+2) Background: Kill My Way to the Top (+2)
Faculty: Drawing Blood (Agl, +2) Flaw: Tied to Oaths (-2)
Phy 9; Agl 15; Wit 12; Cha 12; Wil 9
Voice of Authority (Cha, +2), Sharpest of Blades (Agl, +2)

4. Druxis the merc
Concept: Mercenary (+2) Faculty: Swordsmanship (Phy, +2)
Phy 12; Agl 9; Wit 9; Cha 7; Wil 7

5. Hasault, runs the Pit
Concept: Flesh Merchant (+2) Faculty: Smell Weakness (Wit, +2)
Phy 9; Agl 9; Wit 12; Cha 7; Wil 7

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