Osiris: Running Silent

More than 200 downloads of Operation Nearscape since its release less than two weeks ago, and not one piece of feedback. I got a very nice review from Megan Robertson, and she seems to think that she would welcome more, so that’s something.

Maybe people are waiting to try it out. Maybe people are just mulling it over. More likely, most people who download it will glance at it and then file it or trash it. Whatever the case, this is a test, so if you would be interested in more Osiris Files, and would be willing to pay a buck for something like Operation Nearscape, let me know.

You can find Operation Nearscape here.

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2 Responses to Osiris: Running Silent

  1. Brad says:

    Downloaded it and thought you did a good job Fraser. While I won’t use it as is I will data mine it for my own scenarios. My only twitch moment was that James Creighton was described as a naval aviator yet his rank was Major. Minor in the grand scheme of things, keep them coming!

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