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Centurion: Quo Vadis?

I’ve completed the first session of playtesting for Centurion, and it went both well and poorly. It went well because the mechanic worked exactly as I expected. It went poorly because this was not enough. Two of my playtesters are … Continue reading

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Monthly Sales for January 2012

January was a pretty good month. It was pretty much the biggest month for SEP ever. I also was on an average of one podcast per week talking up Kiss My Axe and then – after it had been released … Continue reading

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Audio: Sword Noir Questions

Joshua had some questions about Sword Noir: a Role-Playing Game of Hardboiled Sword & Sorcery. I recorded some answers, and you can listen to them if you’d like. You can find Sword Noir here. You can download the audio here. … Continue reading

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