Release the Hounds! All Centurions are Go

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Centurion Logo Designed by Rob Wakefield

The Ottawa Warband and I recently completed another good night of playtesting Centurion: Legionary of Rome. This was to test new mechanics that were part of an overhaul about a month ago. This is the second round of testing for these mechanics, and I am very happy with how everything is working. Now we’re looking at the long-term mechanic of Advancement. Do the character advance too quickly? Too slowly? By the time the crowd-funding campaign gets going in March, the Advancement mechanics will have been tested.

Here’s the breakdown of what you can expect to find in Centurion and where I am in production.

The Rules: 100% written, but not 100% tested. If the crowd-funding campaign is successful, it will need to go through a third-party editor.

Running the Game: outlined but no writing done

The Late Republic: Structure of Government 10% done, Structure of Military 10% done, The Late Republic as a Setting 100% written.

The Civil Wars: Events and Personages 0%, The Government and Military 0%, The Civil Wars as a Setting 100% written

The Principate: Structure of Government 0%, Structure of Military 0%, The Principate as a Setting 50% written.

In all, I’d say about 50% of the writing is done and 80% of the research is done. I am very confident that I will have this project at least 75% done when the crowd-funding campaign goes live.

Rob Wakefield, who did such amazing work on the graphic design for Sword Noir and Kiss My Axe is onboard for Centurion.

Kieron O’Gorman from Mayhem Graphics is onboard for art chores. Having seen lots of Kieron’s work, I’m pretty excited to have him visualize this game if the crowd-funding gets going. I’m investing in some initial artwork from Kieron before the campaign so I’ll have something to show when the crowd-funding starts.

More later on reward tiers and further plans.

You can find Mayhem Graphics here.

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