Centurion Falls to Next

I should be working on Centurion: Legionary of Rome, but I also need to get everything ready for running a D&D Next game at Game Summit on Sat, 2 Feb. The game is going to be “Get Tamodar,” and I also need to expand it from the one pager I used at Cottage Con. On the fly might be fine for beer & pretzels, but I want to actually deliver a good gaming experience, so I’ll need to fill in the adventure just a bit. Updating the characters to the new playtest format – which I have to admit works much better than the old character sheets – is also taking some time. There have been a few changes (no more Warlock, it seems, though now there is a Monk), but nothing too major, so I’m using the Cottage Con pre-gens as the basis for the Game Summit ones.

Also, I need to finish editing episode 83 of the Accidental Survivors Podcast, which should have been up today.

Back to work!

More information on D&D Next here.

More information on Game Summit here.

More information on “Get Tamodar,” including registration, here.

You can find the Accidental Survivors here.

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