Rewarding Centurion

As the time for the crowdfunding Centurion: Legionary of Rome draws closer, I’m trying to get all the ducks in a row. I’ve pared down the list of reward tiers.

Here are the reward levels I’m considering.

1. $ 10 – Legionary. The Centurion PDF, including any stretch goal additions

2. $ 25 – Centurion. The Centurion print and PDF (maximum of 200)

3. $ 65 – Primus Pilus. Everything for Centurion level plus the opportunity to name one of the example characters used throughout Centurion and contribute to the example text, with final edit being done by the author. (maximum of 5)

4. $ 75 – Praefectus Cohortis. Everything for the Centurion level plus the opportunity to create one of the iconic characters for the Late Republic, Civil Wars, and Principate period settings that will be included in Centurion as an NPC. (maximum of 3 per period setting)

5. $100 – Praefectus Castrorum. Everything at the Centurion level, plus the opportunity to participate in a Centurion one-shot run by Fraser Ronald over Skype. (requires the use of Skype and a willingness to be flexible for scheduling) (maximum of 12)

6. $150 – Tribunus Laticlavius. Everything at the Centurion level, plus the opportunity to participate in a Centurion one-shot run by Fraser Ronald at Gen Con Indy 2013. (requires attendance in Indianapolis, Indiana at a date and time specified by Fraser Ronald between August 15 and August 18, 2013) (maximum of 10)

Doing the math, if all the maximum levels of support in the various tiers are met, I’d only need 6 backers at the Legionary level to fund. If everyone chooses the Legionary level, I would need 560 backers to fund.

The raw numbers also make worried about selling at a price higher than the reward levels cost post-crowd-funding. It will likely end up with be a modicum higher (like the PDF for $10.95 or something like that), but if I lower the reward level costs, the numbers required to fund become beyond what I believe I can reach.

There is still about 5 weeks before this begins, and while that might seem like a while, it isn’t. I’m already moving on things like fulfillment and preparing the project page. I’ll have to start locking things down soon, and reward levels is one of those elements.

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  1. Fraser says:

    A few people have called me on putting a limit on the Centurion reward tier. Now, I highly doubt I’ll get more than 200, but there is no reason when this goes live to maintain that limit. The original idea was to cover the printing of 250, and I had my doubts about handling the shipping and handling of much more than that. I’m now looking at fulfillment, and while excessive numbers will affect some of the scaling costs, it won’t effect the per item costs.

    TLDR: Thanks to everyone who said the Centurion tier should have no limit. Good point. It won’t be limited in the actual campaign.

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