Centurion Report for 27 Jan 2013

Lack of usual Sunday activities left me time to work some more on Centurion: Legionary of Rome. I finished off the Principate as a Setting section and got a really good start on the Running the Game section. I’m hip deep in advice for designing adventures. I need to get more work on my D&D Next playtest adventure for next weekend’s Game Summit convention, so next week will have a lot of that in it, but that’s okay.

I wanted to have 75 to 80% of the writing for Centurion done by the time I started crowd-funding it. Let’s see how that’s going.

Sitrep as of 27 Jan 2013.
The Rules: 100% written, but not 100% tested. If the crowd-funding campaign is successful, it will need to go through a third-party editor. Presently stands at 7,520 words.

Running the Game: 75% written. Presently stands at 3,560 words

Gaming in Military Settings: 100% written. Presently stands at 3,130 words.

The Late Republic: Structure of Government 10% done, Structure of Military 10% done, The Late Republic as a Setting 100% written. Presently stands at 4,260 words

The Civil Wars: Events and Personages 0%, The Government and Military 0%, The Civil Wars as a Setting 100% written. Presently stands at 3,390 words.

The Principate: Structure of Government 0%, Structure of Military 0%, The Principate as a Setting 100% written. Presently stands at 3,360 words.

Bottom Line: The project now stands at 25,220 words. At the standard 250 words per page, that’s 100 pages. A better metric – for me – is that Sword Noir was around 32,670 words, and the size of Sword Noir is the minimum for which I am aiming. Given a target of 33,000 words, I’m 76% there. This means I’ve hit the minimum amount of writing I wanted done before I would go to crowd-funding.

Strap on your helmets, people. We’re going to crowd-fund this bee-yatch.

Still won’t be starting until March, but rest assured we will be starting.

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