Reaching the Game Summit

One of the takeaways from Gen Con 2011 was that I was not good at pimping my product in person. I had copies of a Kiss My Axe ashcan edition and I wasn’t able to sell any, simply because I don’t like to “impose” or “intrude,” and I am uncomfortable asking for money for my stuff in person.

This last weekend I was at Ottawa’s Game Summit 2013, sharing a table with the Ottawa Tabletop Game Designers (there is no secret handshake or decoder ring, I assure you). Corey Reid was present, pimping Dino Pirates of Ninja Island print edition. The Warden had both hard- and softcover copies of Killshot. Jason Pitre had a bunch of Bully Pulpit Games product, headlining the latest Jason Morningstar release, Durance. I had copies of Sword Noir and Kiss My Axe.

Corey stole the show with his salesmanship and showmanship. I sold a couple of books to a single customer whom Corey had attracted. I am not cut out for selling at cons. I’m not much of a salesman (ironic, given a long time working retail while in school).

Lessons were learned, but rather than simply reiterate what other wiser minds have written, go read Corey and The Warden’s take on the weekend.

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