Direct Action: OP NOMOS – the Challenges

SOF by Dean MartinThe last post gave you the situation for OP NOMOS in Niger. Here are the Challenges for that mission – at least the expected Challenges, as no plan survives contact with the players. Also, as a point of interest, is one of the pre-generated characters. This guy, no one chose. He was the combat air controller, the operator who guides and directs close air support.

The Challenges
Lone Extremist
Difficulty: d4 Basic, not well-trained
Threat: d6, spraying and praying with a lone AK
Environment: d6, knows the camp but it’s dark
Complexity: d4, one guy
Damage Track: d6

Small knot of Extremists (3 – 6)
D: d6, strength in numbers
T: d10, bunch of AKs
E: d6 know the camp, but it’s dark
C: d8, bunch of guys
Damage Track: d8

Pack of Extremists (6-10)
D: d8, overwhelming numbers
T: d12, whole lotta lead
E: d6 know the camp
C: d12, gang of guns
Damage Track: d10

Air Defence Artillery
D: d8, crew-served weapon
T: d12, shoots down aircraft
E: d4, careful not to hit buddies
C: d8, hard to hit
Damage Track: d8

Pre-generated Character
Sierra Two-Eight
Notes: presently part of Surveillance Reconnaissance Detachment

Niche: Combat Air Controller d12
Service: Air Force d8

Speed d8
Strength d6
Acuity d8
Awareness d8
Personality d6

Combat Control School Trainer d12, Advanced Pilot’s Course d8, US Army Ranger Course d6
Signature Weapon: C8 carbine d8

Accurate d10, Dedicated d10

38.5 kg – C8 Special Forces Weapon carbine (3) with 6 magazines (1); SIG Sauer P228 (1) with 2 magazine (.5); stun grenades, 2 (1); fragmentation grenades, 2 (1); removable suppressor for C8 (2); arid battle dress uniform, including elbow and knee pads; body armour (4); chemlights; first aid kit; flashlight (.5); flexcuffs, 25; hydration system (4), identification tags; iodine tablets, 20; lensatic compass; lightweight laser designator rangefinder (16); load bearing vest (3); multi-tool; night vision device PVS-7D (1); notebook and pen; tactical radio AN/PRC-521 (.5); watch

NOTE: Combat Control School includes air traffic control, close air support guidance, and airborne school

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