Direct Action: Stand Easy

Canadian soldiers demonstrate room-clearing capabilities during Dawn Blitz 2013 by Cpl Joseph ScanlanFor those of you following the Direct Action adventure ideas that I’ve been sharing, I’m afraid there won’t be more for a while. My group only gets together once every three weeks, so we move through these adventures slowly. I can’t post something before the group gets through it, so if it takes three sessions to get through an adventure, that’s nine weeks. I hope you can be patient.

Last night’s game showed me combat was terribly broken. The Challenge system isn’t bad for most things, and when it’s the PCs against mooks (which is mostly what they had been fighting in previous adventures), it works fine, but last night we had the PCs against two “boss” villains, and it didn’t work.

We tried a bunch of variations, and I wasn’t getting the result I wanted. By the end, I think we found a good compromise, a way for a group of PCs to really beat down on a single baddie, but a group of baddies aren’t necessarily going to beat down a single PC. The PC will have a tough time of it, and if there are two or three “boss” villains, it’s going to go pear-shaped right quick, but a truckload of mooks still won’t be a problem.

Next session, we should see how that will run. Following that, I should be able to put up the latest adventure. The SRD is back in Niger, crashing the party on a known AQIM operative.

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