Overdriving the Nefertiti

Things have been quiet. My confession is over on my blog. As the new year approaches, and two new Kickstarters are on the planning platform for me, I need to get back work with SEP.

Queen Zenobia's Last Look Upon Palmyra by Herbert Schmalz from Wikipedia

Queen Zenobia’s Last Look Upon Palmyra by Herbert Schmalz from Wikipedia

I haven’t been entirely unproductive. Playtesting for Nefertiti Overdrive continues. An interesting part of this has been the scenario creation system. Basically, I’ve thrown together some rules so that the players can create the parameters of the game they want to play, and it has a bidding mechanic, so it’s also kind of a game. The creation system includes character stats, meaning you get to decide how the characters will be represented in game.

This led to the creation of a scenario which I’m calling Ocean Earth (working title). This is flooded Victorian post-apocalyptic steampunk in the midst of a plague-induced undead invasion, and the most important form of entertainment in what is left of North America and Europe is the Prize Ring – Victorian MMA.

When the players created the parameters, I was incredulous. How the fuck can I put all these things together? There’s no way . . unless . . . and then . . . if so . . . OHMYGODTHISISSOAWESOMEICAN’TWAITTORUNTHIS.

Ocean Earth turned out so cool, I’m going to include it in Nefertiti Overdrive (Kickstarter happening in March 2014). So now Nefertiti Overdrive is going to include two games with the same basic mechanics, but with different genres and different character stats/attributes/sheets/whatever. I think I’m still going to call the ensemble Nefertiti Overdrive, as that name has really grown on me, though now I’m thinking the Nefertiti in the title can refer to the Egyptian wuxia component, while the Overdrive can refer to the steampunk MMA component.

But then each component needs its own name. Or I could just head the Egyptian section NEFERTITI and the steampunk section OVERDRIVE.

Or I could have backers suggest and vote on names when I Kickstart it.

Time will tell. The important thing is that Nefertiti Overdrive is moving forward, and looks like it shall be more awesome than ever.

More information on my confession here.

More information on Nefertiti Overdrive here.

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  1. Yeah, I would watch both those shows.

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