Farewell, Something Lovely: Postmortem

I’ve been doing some of the math for Farewell, Something Lovely, wondering if it would be possible to deliver the product for the amount raised. Here’s the numbers.

I raised $679 CAD, which after Kickstarter and payment processing fees would likely end up around $610.

The cost of delivering the 12 books would likely be around $110 USD – including printing and shipping – which would translate into around $130 CAD presently (and given the CAD is weakening, that’s going to increase). For the 11 signed copies, it would likely be about $130, or around $150 CAD.

Okay, so for the printed material, that’s around $280. That leaves me with $330. That’s not enough to pay for layout and editing, let alone get me any money, however it would be possible to create a bare-bones, very generic version for that cost.

It’s something to consider for the future. Still, I think there are other avenues that will be explored once Nefertiti Overdrive has been driven.

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