Nefertiti Overdrive: An Adventure

The core of Nefertiti Overdrive is the adventure. The entire conception grew from an idea for an exciting scenario, and the rules came after. That’s probably a good thing, as the rules grew organically out of the story, meaning they were purpose-built rather than adapted. Purpose-built rules seem to work better at replicating genre or intended outcome.

I’ve mentioned the scenario before, but you still might be wondering what exactly the adventures will be about. I’m saying adventures because I intend to include two introductory scenarios – which can be each run exclusive of the other or run consecutively.

Altar to Thoth of a modern Kemetic follower from Wikipedia

The first that will be presented is the natural starting point of the two. It opens with the Assyrian backed Lower Egyptian forces arriving at Thebes, known to the Twenty-Fifth Dynasts as Waset. Let’s call Ancient Egypt’s Twenty-Fifth dynasty the House of Kashta. Kashta literally means “the Kushite,” as the first pharaoh of this Dynasty was also the king of Kush, sometimes known as Nubia. So let’s call his heirs the House of Kashta.

So, the House of Kashta is about to fall, and the Princess – you’ve seen her character sheet if you’ve been following along at home – is attempting to retrieve the sacred icons before fleeing with the rest of the royal family. One problem: the icons are missing. Wait, there’s a second problem: the Assyrians are literally at the door of the temple complex.

Luckily, the Princess and the Etruscan – her loyal bodyguard – need not face the dreaded Assyrians alone. The Spartan and the Amazon burst on to the scene, sent to retrieve the Princess as the last galleys are departing ahead of the invasion force’s arrival.

Time is running out, and the only clue is Neitiqret, the Princess’ missing niece and heir as God’s Hand.

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