Keep the Home Fires Burning

Things have been quiet here as my effort is going into the Nefertiti Overdrive Kickstarter. If you haven’t yet, please do check it out and support it. If you have enjoyed any of my other games, it’s a good bet you’ll dig Nefertiti Overdrive. You can see the playtest rules by pledging $1, and if you don’t like what you see, you can cancel that pledge. It’s totally risk-free.

Over at Sword’s Edge, I dropped a post today about my writing playlist. If you were wondering what my favourite soundtrack is right now, that would have to be the Black Hole by John Barry. While my favourite modern composer is Hans Zimmer (based on the number of scores he’s penned that are part of my collection), I can – and have – spent all day with the Black Hole on repeat. It never gets old for me.

You can support Nefertiti Overdrive here.

You can learn more about Nefertiti Overdrive here and here.

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