Raise Dead: Nefertiti Overdrive

Nefertiti Overdrive CoverAfter a discussion with some people I trust and respect (which will be released on the Accidental Survivors feed as a Collateral episode), I have decided to move forward with Nefertiti Overdrive. I’m going to take a shot at funding it again, but there are some changes that need to be made before I do so.

1) I need to find a better title. I really like Nefertiti Overdrive, but it is not indicative of the actual game itself. I probably need to change the subtitle as well. This is a problem, because I’m not very good with titles.

2) I need to rework my Kickstarter text and video. I need to make the text more evocative and do a better job of explaining why this game is awesome. The video needs to be slightly more professional. Not completely professional, but just a notch up the quality scale.

3) I need to reconsider my budget. That will likely mean that the crowd-funding will be for PDF only, with a very small number of print copies available. It also means I likely won’t be able to afford editing and maps, though I could make maps for the included adventure a stretch goal.

I’m kind of tired of Kickstarter right now, so I’m going to take another week or so before I barrel ahead. You probably won’t see this for another couple of months, and when you do, it will have another name.

I have no idea what that name will be.

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  1. A couple of name ideas: The Pharoh’s Fist, Shattered Scarabs, On Crimson Sands, The Book of the Warrior, Kopesh Dreams, and last but not least Warriors of the Two Rivers.

    I would stick to PDF only on the initial run for the kickstarter. That way, anyone who wants a print copy can get a discount from Print on Demand or something like that. Doing it that way means that all your production dollars goes into producing the digital copy. Sending them out and thanking everyone costs nothing.

    Keep up the great work and i can’t wait to see this a reality.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions! You are a smart dude, so I’ll be taking these to heart.

  2. I think it sounds like a workable solution…let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

    1. Well, we know the sure way to get this funded is to have you front and centre, so I’ll need you as a model for all the characters – including the ladies.

  3. Heroes of the Nile, Pyramid of Punches, Pharaoh’s Blade, Pharaoh Sword, Champions of Ra.

    1. These are great. I’m compiling a list!

  4. I strongly recommend letting this lie for about a month.
    Seriously, write up your notes, then don’t look at them.
    Put a date on your calendar a month out, at which point you will start work about it.
    Don’t think about it, talk about it, or look at it until then.

    Catch your breath, both creatively & mentally.
    Far too often, pressing ahead right after a failure leads to making decisions to fix the idea in ways that are more driven by frustration, desperation, and/or stubbornness, rather than actual improvement to the product.

    1. Thanks for the advice, Jacob. I took a break but I am back to work. I’m not totally focused on Nefertiti Overdrive, but I also want to get it going so that I can strike while there is still interest out there.

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